Dear Community Leaders, Donors and Students -

This year has been a difficult year for many throughout this country - battling a pandemic and the economic crisis.  It has also been a difficult time for small nonprofit organizations such as ConVal Community Dollars for Scholars, trying to raise needed funds to help keep them viable.  After 8 years with the organization my time is coming to an end.  As of July 15 I will no longer be with the organization.  I have worked with so many individuals throughout my tenure, it's hard to remember everyone, so I will extend this heartfelt thank you all of you who have helped to make the organization what it is today.  To our donors, I am hopeful you will continue to contribute to the organization, the students who receive the scholarships need your financial support. The thing I will miss the most are the students - working and advocating for them and seeing them succeed when most of us would give up. Remember my favorite line is helping student with the grit and determination to succeed.  I wish the board the best of luck - the students are counting on them. All the best ~ Judy Tomlinson, Executive Director